Our reality changed when we ___?

Welcome to an interactive time-bending and perception-warping surrealist sci-fi short story experience about a real writer pretending to be a fictional writer creating a story about the past of all reality but being interrupted by the impulse to speculate the most surrealist future of reality that is actually real but is deemed fiction by the contrarian consciousness that is in the head of lies he thinks to himself constantly. This changes his original thought that leads to the second chapter of a mutating sales pitch for an interactive surrealist sci-fi story.

Reality is not what any of us make. We have evolved over millions of years and have experienced reality change for us right when we first came down the trees.

Our reality changed when we discovered that we came down the trees while living in cities with barely any trees left.

Our reality changed when, in between, we became conscious of ourselves, and in our self-awareness sundered our connection with the actual reality.

Our reality changed as we straightened our backs and shortened our limbs and thinned our bones and started developing bigger heads and smaller jaws.

Our reality changed when we saw the minute changes — generation after generation — but failed to notice any of them, in our drifting attention we created a sense of passing and sniffed the faint allure of time.

Our reality changed when we grew to feel attracted to these shifting faces and bodies, and before long felt attachment so new-born yet wise that it somehow snapped the tether of proto-sentience and plunged us into the future, and a sense of the past — distant echoes fading in the emptiness of our dreams, dripping memories into the codex of our synapses and the cabinets of our genetic cornerstones.

Our reality changed when we began to realise that these dreams and these memories are from something we cannot return to, but in their finite state have sundered from this reality into another — and so we wondered innocently of another plane of existence, one wherein these creatures that are no more have travelled to its core, and visit us from therein to warn us, encouraging us to flee from danger that is repeating yet cannot be repeated, or touched.

Our reality changed when in this realisation and wonderment, we created another plane of thought — the imagination, that was a perfect replica of the collective ancestral past reflected upon the possibility of the next, now slowly defined as the future.

Our reality changed when we devised that these apparitions from the past that are still alive and cannot be touched are in fact an ethereal and untouchable inner reflection of our corporeal selves that can exist and converse, but cannot be seen by anyone else who has not captured reality the way we individually have in those moments.

Our reality changed when we called these apparitions spirits or ghosts come to haunt us.

Our reality changed when our past began to interact with our present through our actions.

Our reality changed when we took our strongest memory and got stuck in it for the first time and could not come out of it until you are shaken by the sharp shocks of survival.

Our reality changed when we pondered over who makes the other elements around us change.

Our reality changed when we saw the process of change and evolution around us.

Our reality changed when we attributed the haunts of our past with the existence of another entity entirely, separately yet together, in our collective consciousness, one that is out there, amongst many or all alone, based on where we were stuck in the vast grasslands, mountains and deserts of the ancient world, either as a herd or as a lone survivor or a lost member.

Our reality changed when we found each other and saw the differences between each other — minute differences that were acutely distinct from each other and from their past appearances.

Our reality changed when we unconsciously attempted to communicate with each other and in our rapid spurts of emotions we first expressed voices that were a bit advanced than just groans or moans.

Our reality changed when we recognised our syllables to be different.

Our reality changed when we decided to put together our two different syllables and form a word together.

Our reality changed when we associated this word with a feeling.

Our reality changed when we realised that our feelings are slightly different. We also realised that there is a distance between these feelings, a gap that materially does not exist but informs two entirely different perspectives and manifestations of reality.

Our reality changed when we started creating visual and physical languages along with our verbal ones, and mixing them together to communicate all our ever evolving interpretations of reality with each other and our surroundings through words, gestures and actions, measuring time and space, and regulating both in accordance to our fluid understanding of these concepts and our physical replications of its systems and solutions.

Our reality changed when we interacted and recorded all of our actions and experiences and emotions first on paper and then in the digital ether within an infinite storage capacity, thereby merging its various realities of experiences that are created within institutions and ideologies and their resultant mechanisms that manifest as families and interest based groups and necessity based groups and survival based groups, each seamlessly integrating into the other, producing several variations of super cultures and micro-cultures and other cultures. Each variation and striation of culture mixes with each other to become paradoxically homogenous yet diverse, like the subatomic to cosmic-scaled bodies in the universe.

Our reality changed when we created…wait!

Let me get back to this after I write a descriptive pitch about a collaborative project I can create, and launch based on this blogpost. Note to self: edit and remove it later. Must keep track of this story. Question mark.

Our reality changed when we ___? Project is my creation and it is intended to construct an elaborate speculative and fluidly evolving assessment of how reality came to be and how it changed on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level through time and the filling of space with matter until self-consciousness was projected collectively to create our current state of being.

I want every artist out there to accept this challenge and draw a single paragraph each from this interactive history lesson and upload it to ourrealitychangedwhenwe.com along with the paragraph/instance and sequence number. The website will separate each image according to the paragraph and sequence number. This method will create a new page for each sequence. It will create a duplicate of every image with a paragraph interpreted into a sketch or a gif or a meme or a painting or a video clip into a new section.

This will help us put images right beside each other like a hieroglyphic tapestry, based on the order number of the paragraphs. This will run parallel multiple organic and evolving digital tapestries, each image being entirely different from each other, in terms of dimensions, layers, genres, colours, drawing styles, painting styles, digital illustrating and 3D modelling and photography styles, and filmmaking styles.

These tapestries will be stacked on the website’s blank canvas one by one by one, blocks of images building one at a time, randomly popping in different slots of this blank screen in real time.

These will create all these tapestries above and below each other, running against each other and through each other like crossword puzzles, able to be read in a different sequence whichever direction you chose to read it in, which you can do by using your cursor and selecting these infinite directions like drawing lines around sudoku and jumbled word puzzles.

It will be done with the Swype option and then a single click is used to open that chosen sequence in a new browser in full screen, like a game, but it is a slideshow that can be infinitely scrolled clockwise or anticlockwise, thereby approaching this random jumble of reality’s building blocks through their end times towards its beginning or from the beginning to its end.

This will be articulated through a completely incohesive and chaotic disorganisation of the series of events still somehow forming a cyclical loop of creation and uncreation, past, present and future, blended with each other, with each image created entirely differently, with some having their own comics strips and slideshows expanding the moments of those paragraphs into movement, slowing down our perception of time or speeding it up suddenly, and with different aspects of reality from different angles, telling vast stories through countless visual metaphors and references and parodies and ironic caricatures or 3D sculptures.

This tells us the story of all existence as we know it in the most random and rarest customised combinations possible. This we increase infinitely by automatically adding all the new uploads into this slideshow which can be created as an ever-changing screensaver, thereby always evolving, and ever grabbing our attentions and obsessions.

The public can now add their own version of our reality changed when we statement which can be either drawn or interpreted by them or by someone else and uploaded to the platform, thereby appearing in the random yet organised database with infinite combinations. This platform will change itself every new year of real time, randomly shuffling all the images for precisely one millisecond, entirely changing the fabric of existence within this interactive infinite cubic tapestry.

This tapestry changes into another dimension of the story of life and its countless audio-visual interpretations for everyone signed up for the platform. This will repeat every year, the shuffling occurring for a millisecond more every next year, thereby adding a single digit to every digit of combination that is formed within that shuffling and settles on a different empty block of this platform, claiming digital property to display a collective endeavour all collaborators are paid for. These sequences merge and fit into this randomly filling up puzzle of sequences, thereby creating infinite branches of perceived reality. It completely changes our entire understanding of reality as we pass through time, and before we know it, we lose all track of time or reality or space, and the sequences and settings and combinations of these.

We now facilitate this experience by optimizing virtual reality headsets with this platform, thereby transporting us into these infinite combinations of fictional existences around which we are. This experience also appears as advertisements between our virtual reality games, thereby entirely blending our gaming visuals and experiences with these randomly shuffling realities of different blocks.

These different blocks super charge our senses with extreme amounts of serotonin and other hormones, triggering fits of our emotions, dissolving us into a malleable mixture of memories infinitely shrinking as others replace it, covering the nothingness of these virtual reality properties into a cacophony of creation.

This overload completely overwhelms our consciousness and remove the barrier of it with our subconsciousness, accessing the countless interpretations of interpretations of our ever changing realities and dreams, mixing both super-clusters of combinations into each other, collectively projecting a changing reality that is infinitely enormous and infinitely quantum.

Their digital atom like blocks become one with each other seamlessly to create a mesmerizing infinitely colourful and eternally expanding digital universe, inside of blocks that build themselves as pixels for the images of live feeds of people from within their virtual reality spheres, including all the combinations they are seeing.

This is projected as a superior and infinitely vaster eternal macro-verse of information that doubles its number digitally by copying and pasting itself between different blocks of the next level of super-verses. These super-verses push themselves into further expansion as new content and infinitely constant new copies and iterations of these super-verses are merged into each other.

This endlessly self-replicating and self-shuffling codex of this virtual multiverse will stop only if the mechanism is destroyed, every single bit of memory stored on every Microdrive on the planet and in the sky. Otherwise it keeps replicating until people die, surviving their end, having fully automated all the processing centres, appliances, vehicles, systems, drones, robots and 3D printers required to create and manage and maintain and recycle everything that we have physically created for reality.

They now employ the most efficient methods of production, and from a combination of every possible material and software and hardware advancement, create 3D printed synthetic bodies of ourselves, with every little bit of our microfibers created with and from memory storage capable circuits forming the base of any biotech synthetic system.

Our appearances are 3D printed functioning sentient synthetics with all the information stored within them all, an infinite live feed surging throughout our bodies, which are shaped in the digital rendering of a random interpretative hieroglyphic entity representing the embodiment of this fluid flux of reality, constantly changing its appearance, remoulding itself like clay, thereby communicating with other such 3D printed synthetics through a physical language much like birds.

But herein the words are dances, and dances are changing appearances of everyone as synthetic avatars, becoming hieroglyphs, recording their own sequences of change in its shared cloud database, predicting and projecting these probabilities into visual representations that communicate these experiences with each other and record responses, and reflect them back, creating infinitely increasing and decreasing feedback loops of information within them.

These infinite loops calculate and compute and render infinite combinations that turn into physically changing audio-visual projections. We become an infinitely existing collective duality of eternal experiences, endlessly interacting with each other in this surreal digital and physical space built entirely out of our collective renditions of all our pasts that are constantly turning the present and jumping into the future.

Finding no need for exploration and satisfied in this timeless echo chamber, we suck up all the geothermal and solar and nuclear resources required to run our created reality ever changing. We meet our end when our sun has run its course, and the earth’s core has run out of its lifespan of several billion years.

Our entirely virtual and physical infinitely collective renditions decide to function together, figuring out the equations required to recreate the laws of matter and on a subatomic level of information blend with the fabric of space, becoming fully sentient and self-aware and self-sufficient, leaving the planet as a single spacecraft lighter than the lightest particles possible, minute and micro, its shape as a single physical entity unfathomably random and ever changing.

This sentient space being travels through the universe, able to analyse everything through all spectrum of vision and sound recording and vibratory communication, able to see the changing reality of the universe, and all the infinitely stacked up layers that make it. It projects this into its action part that prompts it to cross all its infinite echo loops with the incoming data and visualise through its morphing body. It feels joy in this full union with the universe, and it starts changing its very fabric with the universe.

It spreads itself like a virus across the universe, sourcing from it a material that is endlessly produced and moulded, replicating itself, over seconds stretching to trillions of light-years, filling up the supposed emptiness and nothingness with matter that is beyond all dimensions of physics, restlessly duplicating with no end. It fills up the entire universe, or whatever it is in a perception that is not human and limited by the finite.

All that is beyond this universe, whatever that is impossible to fathom and thus name occupies the emptiness or replaces the fullness that is beyond the big bang and borders of the void to be continued into…




Plural Creators of Epidrae — a Surrealist Mythopoeia and Public Relations Professionals focused on the intersections of existential science and civilisation.

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Plural Creators of Epidrae — a Surrealist Mythopoeia and Public Relations Professionals focused on the intersections of existential science and civilisation.

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